Company Profile

Company Name
Isuzu Motors Engine Sales Inc.
April 1, 2013
Head Office
Chiba Plant
1-2-19, Matsugasimanishi,Ichihara-shi,Chiba, 290-0036, Japan
90 million yen
Isuzu Motors Limited (100%)
Business Activities
  • ●Sale of industrial internal combustion engines
  • ●Manufacture, sale, and repair of marine internal combustion engines
  • ●Sale of generators (marine/land use), power units, etc.
  • ●Manufacture, sale, and repair of parts and accessories
Board of Directors
President and Representative Director
Takao Onodera
Director of the Board
Maki Kabayama
Director of the Board
Yoshihiro Kouno
Director of the Board
Satoshi Koide
Director of the Board
Yasuyuki Mori
Director of the Board
Megumi Oota
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Yukiyasu Nakajima
Executive Officer
Katsunori Okada


Tokyo Boat Limited founded as a manufacturer, distributor, and repairer of marine diesel engines, marine generator sets and marine gears.
DA45 88-horsepower, compact, high-speed engine developed in first cooperative project with Isuzu Motors Limited.
Isuzu Motors Limited injects capital and company name changed from Tokyo Boat Limited to Isuzu Marine Engine Inc.
Construction completed on what is today the Chiba Plant, where marine engines are made.
Dealership rights for Isuzu Motors’ marine engines transferred to the company.
Developed first common-rail marine engine in Japan.
ISO 14001 and ISO9001 certifications obtained.
All models certified compliant with IMO Tier II emissions regulation.
Company name changed from Isuzu Marine Engine Inc. to Isuzu Motors Engine Sales Inc.
Merged with Isuzu Yamato Engines Inc.

Information on ISO Acquisition

Scope of quality and environmental management system registration
  • 1.Design and manufacture of marine engines using internal combustion engines
  • 2.Sale of industrial engines using internal combustion engines made by Isuzu Motors Limited
  • 3.Repair and reconditioning of internal combustion engines
  • 4.Maintenance of equipment using internal combustion engines(generators, etc.)

History of ISO Certification and Acquisition

Date Status Business sites
March 2008 Certification acquired Former Isuzu Marine Engines Inc.
December 2017 Certification acquired Head Office, Industrial Engine Eastern Japan Office, Nagoya Branch Office of Industrial Engine Eastern Japan Office, Engine Center, Industrial Engine Chiba Office, Industrial Engine Western Japan Office
December 2018 Certification acquired Hokkaido Office, Kanto/Eastern Japan Office, Chubu/Kinki Office, Chugoku/Shikoku Office, Kyushu/Okinawa Office
Certification acquired Kawaguchi Office, Honbasu Office, Kawaguchiedo Office
(Three offices of former Isuzu Yamato Engines Inc.)

Quality and Environmental Integration Policy

Management Policy

  • 1. Enhance customer satisfaction and f urther i mprove a bility t o r espond t o c ustomers utilizing o ur comprehensive strengths and organizational capabilitie
  • 2. Strengthen corporate competitiveness by effectively investin g management resources such as people, property, funds, and informations
  • 3. Exercise sound corporate management by continuously maintain ing internal control and thorough compliance

Ensuring Compliance

Isuzu Motors Engine Sales aims to be a sound company which contributes to society and is worthy of trust?a company where all officers and employees are aware of and take responsibility for their own conduct.
For these compliance activities to be effective, it is fundamental that every single individual upholds a high level of ethical and moral values and behaves in accordance with internal and external rules. To achieve this, we work hard to build a corporate culture that facilitates an ongoing practice of self-examination, including questioning whether something in day-to-day work is against laws and regulations, internal rules or general good judgement. Our culture supports interactive communication and active reporting, liaison, and consultation for a speedy resolution when there are any doubts.

Basic Compliance Policy

1.Gaining Customers' Trust
We will gain our customers' trust by providing socially valuable products and services that enrich their lives.
2.Fair and Sound Activities
We will conduct business in the spirit of free and fair competition. Further, as a good corporate citizen committed to a healthy and fair relationship with host governments, we resolve to avoid contact with any anti-social groups or organizations.
3.Disclosure of Corporate Information
We will disclose corporate information to both shareholders and the public in a timely, appropriate and fair manner.
4.Respecting Employees
We will provide a safe, comfortable working environment, with respect for employees' individuality, so that they can make the most of their abilities.
5.Protecting the Environment
As a good global citizen, we will work to protect the environment through our business activities, and continually strive to take the initiative with environment preservation activities locally and worldwide.
6.Contributing to Society
As a good corporate citizen, we will make a positive contribution to society.
7.Living in Harmony with the Global and Local Communities
We will respect the culture and customs of different countries and regions, and work to contribute to the development of these areas through our business activities.